New Coach Application Form

Applications are called for the positions of Head Coach and Assistant Coach for the following Brisbane Capitals Representative Teams: Under 18 Male & Female.

Please read the Coach Selection Policy and Guidelines before submitting your application.

Note: Applications will only be accepted from candidates who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Coach Selection Policy (Section 4 - Eligibility Criteria)


As of 2019, Basketball Queensland requires all representative head coaches to hold appropriate coach accreditation for the respective age group. BBI requires coaches of all Capitals GOLD teams and coaches of U16 & U18 Silver/Bronze teams to have a current Association Coach Accreditation (Level 2), or to be working towards their accreditation in the year of coaching.


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All BBI Volunteers are required to hold a current Blue Card. BBI will require visual confirmation of your blue card upon appointment if successful in your application.
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By submitting an application you understand that Brisbane Basketball employs deployment considerations that include matching the skills/knowledge of the coach to the most appropriate coaching context (age group, performance considerations and stage of development considerations etc), factoring in the needs of the Brisbane Capitals representative teams.



A conflict of interest could be that the applicant:

1. Is a relative of a player (father, mother, uncle, grandmother, sister etc.) who is eligible for selection in the age group and gender in which the application is made; or,

2. Has a personal relationship (e.g. a personal friend of the family) with a player or players in the age group in which the application is made.

NOTE: A conflict of interest does not prevent a coach being appointed to an age group, it is simply an acknowledgement. The selection panel on a case-by-case basis will assess each application, when determining selections, identifying a conflict of interest and decide an appropriate course of action to ensure transparency and fairness.


Continual Education and Development is an essential component of a coaches journey, if as a coach you are going to perform your duties competently, then you will need to keep up to date with all aspects of coaching practice at the representative or higher level. Therefore, there is an emphasis on the need to continually update your existing knowledge and skills, as well as acquiring new ones. Such skills are essential to progress the Brisbane Capitals performance standards across all age groups, and are also important considerations of representative team appointments.


You acknowledge and agree to abide by the BBI Coach Selection Policy, BBI Child Protection Policy, BBI Guidelines for Interacting with Children, BQ Codes of Behaviour, and BA Coaches Code of Ethics

You acknowledge and are committed to the Brisbane Capitals Coaching Philosophy: Athlete Centered, Coach Facilitated, and Leadership Supported

You acknowledge and are committed to Brisbane Capitals Core Values: Character | Team First | Never Give Up | Next Play

You acknowledge and are committed to the Brisbane Capitals Offensive Style of Play (Possession, Push, Poise, Percentage). With an emphasis on holistic player development through the framework of a Constraints-Led Motion Offensive structure in the full and half court (i.e. 4 out 1 in Knight/Majerus/Clemens Motion, Pairs Motion, Princeton Motion, Dribble Drive, Flow or Read and React).

You acknowledge and are committed to the Brisbane Capitals Defensive Style of Play (Percentage, Transition, Pressure and Possession). This style of play is underpinned with an emphasis on full court player-to-player defence with a focus on ball and driving lane pressure in the full and half court. 

As a prospective Brisbane Capitals Coach, by completing this application, you are committed to documenting each practice session and developing an annual training plan. You acknowledge that your annual training plan, session practice plans, practice sessions and games will be reviewed by the Performance Manager as part of the process of continually improving the Capitals Program.


I confirm that the above information that has been provided is correct. I have read and understood the eligibility, selection criteria and Conditions of Appointment and I agree to abide by and carry out the Conditions of Appointment for any coaching position to which I may be appointed.

I agree to comply with the requirements of the Commissioner for Children and Young People Act QLD, 2009, which incorporate recent Acts of Parliament passed in QLD. I agree to mandatory screening through appropriate government approved screening agencies and understand that I must have a clear screening report to be appointed to a Brisbane Capitals coaching position. I am not a prohibited person (a prohibited person is any person who has a criminal record in relation to child abuse and sexual assault, apprehended violence orders related to child protection or has had relevant disciplinary action related to child protection taken against them).

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